A pearl of modern design by Amar Sabeh

Dubai Design week

The architectural bureau Amar Sabeh Studio designed a luxurious space that seeks to be more restrained, but at the same time memorable.

In fact, the effect of visual communication with the traveler was achieved using the created common spaces and rooms. Individuality, not excessive luxury, and predictable versatility are the focus of attention on the form that appeals to today’s guest at his hyperactive pace.

It is important to note that FORM Hotel intends to remain a significant part of the design of Dubai, which is why they are already for the second year in a row included in the locations of Dubai Design Week, which are recommended for visiting.

Moreover, the hotel itself at the time of the week of design posted the work of local designers. This time, our attention was attracted by a very original lamp called “Dune”, which was developed by the local Emirati designer Mrs. Azza Al Qubaisi specifically for the FORM Hotel as part of Design Week.

The sleek design of the hotel stands out in Dubai.

Design The interior is minimalistic but with plenty of reference to the history of the Al Jaddaf area, which was historically a dhow building area (wooden traditional boats). The wood used for building these boats is also used throughout the interior of the Form Hotel – giving it a warm feeling despite the predominant minimalism. Al Jaddaf is also rapidly becoming a bustling part of the city thanks to the development of Dubai Culture Village, making it the perfect location for the Form Hotel.


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It’s hard to think about minimalism when thinking about Dubai, but, a hidden gem is just here!

“Dubai minimalism may sound like oxymoron, but that didn’t stop FORM Hotel to offer just that!”

“Although, you got all the basics mod-cons most of us can no longer live without, everything else is up to you to decide!”

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